Avoid rumors related to WhatsApp new privacy policy, these are facts

After the arrival of WhatsApp's new policy, a lot of questions are being raised on its privacy. WhatsApp informed users about this through pop-up notifications. To continue using WhatsApp, users will have to accept its new privacy policy. Because of this, WhatsApp users have become worried. They are not yet clear how much data WhatsApp will share with Facebook through the new policy.

Realizing this dilemma of WhatsApp users, they wrote a blog. If the company likewise made this infographic in the blog and told the people what data is being shared with Facebook and third party then it would have been even better.

In the WhatsApp blog, the company made it clear that it cannot access users' private chats. Now it is important for you to understand that private chat and users' data can also be different. Because apart from chats, there is user data on WhatsApp.

The company said that it has recently updated the privacy policy. A lot of questions are coming to him about this. Many rumors are also spreading about WhatsApp. Some of which have been answered by the company through a blog.

The company has said that it has gone a long distance to make WhatsApp. With which people have got the facility of private chat. The company has once again clarified that the new policy update does not affect chat with friends or relatives.

This update is about the interaction with the change business account. This is also optional. The way the company collects and uses data is completely transparent. WhatsApp has answered the common questions arising on the new privacy policy.

    Can WhatsApp access private chat?

    Ever since WhatsApp's new policy has come. Since then, users are trying to know whether WhatsApp can access their private chat. There is no answer to this question. The company has claimed that all chats are protected with end-to-end encryption. Therefore, no one can access your private chat. WhatsApp said that it puts end-to-end encryption labels in every chat. So that users can know that their chat is completely secure.

    Can WhatsApp track users ' messaging and calling data?

    Another question that is being asked the most. Whether or not WhatsApp tracks calling and messaging data. The company has responded by saying that its information is only with the mobile carrier and operator. It is a risk for both security and privacy for the company to have two billion users of data. Therefore, the company does not store its information.

    Will Facebook be able to access WhatsApp contacts?

    WhatsApp has said that Facebook can access WhatsApp contacts only when users give their permission. The company has said that when users give their permission, they only access the phone number. This makes messaging faster. This information is not shared with other Facebook apps.

    Is WhatsApp Group Chat Private?

    As the company has already stated in the blog that all chats in WhatsApp are encrypted end-to-end. Because of which no one can read it except the sender and receiver.

    WhatsApp uses group membership to send messages and protect against spam. This data is not shared with Facebook for advertising. The company once again said that all chats are encrypted end-to-end. No one else can read them except the sender and receiver.

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