Fesschain launches blockchain powered smartphones, says no chinese parts used in it

An Indian startup named Fesschain has launched the blockchain-powered smartphone Inblock. Its sale will start in India from January 1 and it can be purchased from online or offline retail stores.

fesschain blockchain smartphones

Fesschain has launched three smartphone models E10, E12 and E15. The company has claimed that not a single part of these smartphones is from China and it has been introduced under local for vocal.

Talking about the price, the price of this smartphone starts at Rs 4,999 and the top variant costs Rs 11,999. The minister of the Uttar Pradesh government was also involved during the company's smartphone launch.

The founder and CEO of this company Durga Prasad Tripathi has said that 89% of the market share in the Indian smartphone market is of non-Indian companies. He has said that the company has the capacity to make 1 million phones.

Talking about InBlock E12, this smartphone has a dual camera and its price is Rs 7,449. The other phone is an E10. It will have three variants. The base variant will have 1GB RAM - 16GB storage.

Its second variant has 2GB RAM - 16GB memory, while the third variant has 32GB of storage with 3GB of RAM. Their price is Rs 4,999, Rs 5,999 and Rs 6,449 respectively.

Talking about the InBlock E15, it has triple rear cameras. The base variant has 16GB of storage with 2GB of RAM, the second has 32GB of storage with 3GB of RAM, while the third variant has 64GB of storage with 4GB of RAM.

This company has claimed that customers will get the support of the phone at home. The company has also said that if the phone is defective, then the service team will come home and fix the phone. Not only this, but this company has also claimed that in the event of a bad phone, the new phone will be given as a replacement.

It is worth noting that the specifications of these smartphones have not been mentioned in the press release shared by the company. For example, which processor is used in it, or which company is the GPU.

The company has not told about the camera lens to the display and other things in its press release.

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